Therapeutic Thai Massage

Thai Massage is based on the principle of Metta, a meditation on love and compassion for all beings. It is said that Thai Massage is the physical application of loving kindness. Lynn's style is a modern blend of traditional Thai massage with myofascial release, abdominal massage and energetic bodywork. Compression along energy lines, hand and foot reflexology, gentle stretching, rhythmic rocking and deep breath work are used to create a profoundly effective bodywork experience. Sessions are 2-3 hours and will leave you feeling light, free and completely reset.

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200hr Ashtanga Immersion & Ayurveda Retreat w / Source of Yoga 2013

The Art of Vinyasa w/ Nikki Vilella of Kula Yoga 2013

Therapeutic Purna Yoga w/ Aadil Palkhivala 2014

Yoga Sequencing with Intelligence & Compassion w/ Annie Carpenter 2015

Sonic Yoga 200hr Vinyasa Flow Training w/ Lauren Hanna & Tracy Mohr 2017


Thai Massage


Still Light Professional Thai Massage Certification 2013-2014

Advanced Therapeutic Thai Massage w/ Christopher Ray 2016 & 2017

Thai Abdominal Massage & Chi Nei Tsang w/ Christopher Ray 2018


Yoga in Nature

Lynn's yoga classes are dynamic, and made accessible to everyone. Real, no fluff yoga based on a foundation of traditions, steeped in modern knowledge and humor. You will laugh, cry, peel back layers and walk out feeling light and free. Classes focus on navigating life via the 8 limbed path, and include much more than just yoga asana (posture). Expect to dive in deep and experience each moment fully, connect to your true Self and epic nature.


"Lynn has magic hands. I cannot praise her enough for her combination of inspired intuitiveness and her professional knowledge of anatomy, bodywork and energy work, She meets each person where they are and tailors her treatment to match their needs, body and situation, Each session is a journey, and I recommend you get on board! Remember to breathe. "

- Alexis, NYC, writer Lonely Planet

"Lynn was extremely knowledgeable about the body and how massage & body work can help your overall well being. Her massage is both relaxing and therapeutic, which is a difficult combination to find. She coaches your breath as she moves your body and works out your muscles, The physical and emotional release I experienced after a single session was amazing, and the results were lasting! My back especially felt much looser after the tension I had been carrying was released. Emotional energy and trauma was discharged following the massage helped me feel more grounded and balanced. I would highly recommend her for anyone's physical and emotional well being!" 

- Kayla, Ontario Canada, Registered Psychotherapist